Your Guide to Continuous Improvement

Feeling Stuck in the Status-Quo?

Topple it with the Toyota Kata!

The Toyota philosophy of scientific thinking and learning made them a role model. They call it a kata. I call it Third Way of DevOps: continuous learning and experimentation.

👋🏼 Hey there. I'm Adam Hawkins. I teach teams how to deliver better software faster. The Toyota Kata explains how to turn improvement of the daily work into the daily work. I share only the best bits in this pocket guide.

What's Inside:

  • The connection between DevOps & Toyota
  • 5 point executive summary
  • Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • The feedback loop of improvement & coaching kata
  • Tips for practicing the kata

My wish for the world is that everyone should be so lucky that they get to work with Adam. There's a lot of industry talk about DevOps culture, Accelerate, and Cycle Time. This guy lives it. He has seriously improved my life as an engineer in unmeasurable ways.”

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